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Before arriving :

-Choose a package that suits your needs. (Select a package…)
-Book your lesson if you plan on taking one.

-Wear clothing adapted to the temperature of the day:
    • Tuque
    • Mittens are warmer than gloves.
    • Thermal or wool socks without ribbing (avoid cotton).
    • Warm underwear.
    • Use layered clothing (Multiple thin layers are warmer than a thick one).
    • Bring an extra pair of socks (keep your feet warm and dry all day).
    • Wear loose bottom pants so they can easily fit over the boots (for better comfort, wear as least clothing as possible inside your boots).
    • Avoid scarfs and very loose clothing, but make sure you can still move easily.

-If you’ve booked a lesson, and you need to rent equipment, plan on arriving one (1) hour before your lesson. That will give you time to pass by the Snow School and pick up your equipment. (Delays may vary depending on how busy we are).